Model Railways 

This page showcase’s some of the Model Railways in our collection, some of which can be seen in our office window in Przemyśl, together with a working H0 Railway. Most of the models represent German railways, including models from the former East Germany (DDR). Model Railways is a hobby for all ages and is highly recommended.

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A Piko (DDR) model of the CSD Railways Skoda ES 499. This model was purchaced by myself in the 1980’s from the M 26 Model shop in Liège Belguim . It saw some service on my model railway at the time, and then was stored until a few months ago. It has now been fitted with full DCC sound and recently was seen running at the Model Railway show here in Przemyśl, pulling DDR made coaches. Not bad for a model made over 30 years ago. It still has it’s original box and paper work.


Running at the Przemyśl Model Railway show


The Original box and paper work


A Piko model of a Mitropa dining car produced in the early 1950’s. This model is in mint condition


A Fleischmann 5081 H0 dining car 798 Mitropa of the DRG. These cars would have been seen at Medyka during the occupation of Poland by Nazi Germany, on Krakow Lemberg (Lwow) services







A H0 Schicht DR Mitropa Restaurant car on a presentation stand from the VEB Waggonbau Görlitz,in DDR times. The factory was opened in 1894 as the Görlitz Rolling Stock Corporation and still produces rolling stock to this day. The Town of Görlitz is on the Polish border.



The same model on the test track showing it’s working lights



A H0 DR Mitropa Dining car from VEB Modellbahnwagen Dresden under the Schicht brand.These Cars were built by VEB Waggonbau Görlitz. They were international cars and operated to many European Cities both East and West


The international version showing it’s lighting working. Not bad for a model thats over 30 years old



A H0 DR Mitropa Sleeping car from Schicht on a presentation stand from the VEB Waggonbau Görlitz,This example sadly does not have lights fitted.







HO model of the 1953 NWF BS300 “SchiStra” (rail/road) Bus in our collection






A H0 Schicht model of DR 2nd Class coach. Although the model had rust on the wheels from storage, the lighting worked as soon as it was put on a test track


A H0 Schicht model of a PKP coach. These coaches were made by VEB Waggonbau Görlitz, These coaches still  work in Poland to this day



A Brawa H0 model of the E 95 class of Electric Locomotive. These Locomotives were built in 1927/8 for the Silesian mountain railways (Polish since 1945) for both freight and passenger use. They were sent to the Soviet Union in 1946 as War reparations, but returned to the DR in 1952. They survived in service until 1970. One example is preserved in Germany. The letter V on the loco denotes the front end and the letter H the rear end. This model is fitted with DCC Sound

DR Class 232 “Ludmilla” A brawa H0 model fitted with sound

A H0 Roco E 18. These Locomotives were first introduced in 1935 by the German Reichsbahn  and stayed in service until the 1970’s. This model is fitted with DCC Sound

KPEV T12 BR 74 in H0. This is part of a Berlin S Bahn set produced in the late 1980’s by Roco in Austria



Fleischmann 4172 DC H0 streamlined Steam locomotive BR 03 1074 of the DRG, These locomotives would have seen service in Poland during the Nazi occupation. Click on the Video below to see the model running.This model dates from the mid 1980’s It has since been fitted with DCC Sound and a new smoke unit








Our layout builder Musia hard at work on a Vero model of a typical communist era apartment block in H0. This model was produced by Vero in the former DDR



And here is the real thing ! Photo taken at Eisenhuttenstadt in the former DDR
on a recent visit (July 2022) This town still retains much of the DDR style .

A corner of the layout in our office window, all of the buildings are from the former DDR and have stood the test of time.

A PIKO SVT 137 Dreiteiliger Schnelltriebwagen (3 Car Fast train) from the early 1960’s This set has never been used and is in it’s original box



Sixty years old and still as good as new, watch the short videos below to see the workings of this model, I took it apart for oiling and other than that it was as new.It has since been fitted with DCC and interior details




The wonderful sound of DCC

A short video of the Model Railway in our office window in Przemyśl


Page updated Febuary 2023