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*International Trains have returned after over a year. Two trains a day are now running from Kyiv to Przemyśl*

Medyka  is a village, in south-eastern Poland on the international border with Ukraine. It is situated approximately 13 km (8 miles) east of Przemyśl and 72 km (45 miles) east of the regional capital Rzeszow. Until 1948 the village belonged to the Soviet Union as part of the Drohobych Oblast. The village is well worth a visit and is home to a historic wooden church dating from 1607.

Major upgrade work is being carried out at Medyka as part of a 200 million Zloty project to improve the infrastructure in the area of border crossings, this includes new track, both European gauge and Russian gauge.

Modernisation of the Medyka district – Mościska II will cost 51 million zlotys. The project is divided into two phases , planned for implementation in 2016-2019 and 2022-2023.

Medyka is now truly an international transport hub, serving destinations such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Bremen and Rotterdam to name a few. Travellers can now connect to most of Europe from Medyka using both the long distance coach services operated by Flixbus and rail connections.

With the upgrade of both the Station and track, Medyka will hopefully soon see high speed rail services arriving and departing.

New border infrastructure is planned which will make enhance the gateway to Europe.

Our office in Przemyśl will shortly be open, where our future plans are for a Model shop, together with Frog Model Aircraft http://www.frogmodelaircraft.co.uk We are located at plac Legionów 3 in Przemyśl. opposite the main station. 

We are always happy to help travellers visiting the area . Please feel free to contact us with your requirements, using the contact us page. We will shortly be putting both Rail and coach timetable’s on the site.  





The beautiful village of Medyka 

International travel is still possible from Medyka. The 13:45 Flixbus service to Bremen waits to depart from the Bus station on 01/09/2021. The journey takes 18 hours and arrival time in Bremen is 07:45 the following day.



Ukrainian Railways has announced is to start building European gauge track this year from Lwow to Mostyska-1 station, close to the border between Ukraine and Poland. This station already has a dual track that allows freight trains from Medyka to use this section without bogie exchange.

After running through the Mostyska – Medyka border crossing and entering Poland, the trains will use the existing standard gauge lines to  Przemyśl and the Polish network.

It is expected that Leo Express will operate Lviv-Kraków services on this route initially. We may well see PKP Pendalino’s  eventually running from Lwow to Warsaw. Ukrainian Railways expect the work to be completed within a year. 

This is further good news for the Railways of Medyka.

It is worth noting that Originally the line was standard gauge until 1945 when the Soviet Union converted it to “Russian Gauge” 

Leo Express have announced a new service to operate between Kraków and Medyka on the Ukrainian border. Passengers will be able to travel from Prague via Kraków direct to the border with Ukraine at Medyka. Leo Express only received permission to operate the route after the publication of the new timetable, so now have to look for new possible time frames, to start the service to Medyka, hopefully in the coming months.

Additionally, Leo Express has requested permission to operate between Kraków and Warsaw. The approval for this could be made within a year, the operator said. Together with Flix Bus it will soon be possible to travel to many European destinations directly from Medyka, including Berlin, Breman, Amsterdam, Paris and Rotterdam

PKP are currently upgrading passenger and border facilities at Medyka to cope with the extra demands and a new bus stand has been constructed for international services and is now operational.

A panoramic view of Medyka Station

A Leo Express service, these trains will soon be a regular sight in Medyka Photo © Leo Express
Our Office in the City of Przemyśl.

13:10 Przemysl to Kyiv service approaching Medyka on the 2nd September 2019.Hopefully these services will soon resume, when the current pandemic is under control.
A view of the bridge taken on the 10th June 2019 following repairs. The road has since been resurfaced but is still very wet.
Train No 715L forming the 13:10 service from Przemysl to
Kijów entering Medyka on 02 February 2020 at 13:26 note the new paintwork on the bridge.
Medyka Staion building from the International platforms 27th May 2019

Today the Station is not only the Border Station with Ukraine but the outer border of the European Union.

Medyka Station seen from the air. Photo © Straży Granicznej (Polish Border Guards)

The empty stock from IC 7300 Siemiradzki on the Medyka Przemyśl line approaching Przemyśl Główny as the sun goes down on the 26th March 2019 at 16:11

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